The Water Shaman Eternal Love Oath

The Water Shaman Eternal Love Oath

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Ours is a story of reincarnation, which happens in ancient india, present india and futuristic india.

our story is a fusion between a love story in indian ancestral culture, robotics and artificial intelligence.

love throughout the times remains… but times change with a.i. and the latest generation technology. where is the love in the fusion of the human with the machine? can we love the same way if we live in digital immortality? through downloading our mind on a chip?

could machines come to love? there are many questions we ask in this hindi love story. this film raises a very current controversy worldwide, feeding the already existing controversy about the future possibility of trans humanism, we all wonder: digital immortality or immortality through reincarnation.

the controversy is served.

this topic is current and worldwide. we are all interested.


The heroes of this love story are an ancestral indian shaman and a young teenager sick with depression, whom the shaman tries to cure with his magic powers.

the shaman states that the young woman has lost her soul and flies to other dimensions, to the rescue her soul…

our heroes swear eternal love to each other and promise to meet again in other lives.

in each subsequent reincarnation, they renew their vows of love when they meet again.

in the next charters we will see how the mind and consciousness of the indian shaman is first downloaded into a robot, then in a virtual simulation on a computer and finally how the mind of the shaman is downloaded into a holographic body.

the holographic body of the hindu shaman rises to high dimensions and parallel universes, where the shaman can finally rescue the lost soul of his beloved and finally reincarnate again in a physical body, starting the cycle of reincarnation again … the water shaman, eternal love oath.

Directed by Maria A Labonte (Spain)

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