The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller

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As a young man checks out of a motel during midnight, he meets the motel owner – a mysterious old man who thinks of various ways to stop the young man from leaving. The old man claims to be a fortune teller and insists on reading the young man’s future, to which the young man reluctantly agrees. As the old man predicts the young man’s fortune through self-invented methods, he starts to get involved in the young man’s life choices and even becomes angry at the young man, making the young man surprised and suspicious about the old man’s true intentions. That’s when the young man decides to challenge the old man’s predictions through philosophical reasoning and even gambling.

As they debate about the future and free will, the motel also seems to subtly change in appearance, almost as if it were a scene from a dream… All this makes the young man wonder: who is this old man? And where exactly is this motel?

Directed by William Andrew Wen (China)

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