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An enigmatic guru, “Silver Lining”, enlists the services of an unsuspecting filmmaker to document his unusual methods of healing for three love stricken clients.


T.I.L.M (Till’ I Love Myself) is a whimsical, musical odyssey. 33 minutes in run time, this musical short traverses the epic terrain of California through several mythic vignettes and the guidance of one enigmatic guru Silver Lining. Though his methods seem odd, his presentation outrageous and his beer consumption unruly, Silver Lining is one of Los Angeles’ only practicing experimental psychoanalysts. Specializing in the surreal, Silver takes on some of the city’s most unique lost souls as his clientele. For this run of the “Silver Method (™)”, Lining enlists the help of a local DP, Russell, in capturing the stories, songs and romantic mishappenings of clients Hinano Moon, Terry Breckenridge and Zayne Zodiak as well as Silver’s ingenious process to guiding these lost souls to self-realization and enlightenment.

Directed by Russell Tandy and Timmy Skelly (USA)

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