Wings of an Angel - Mother's Love

Wings of an Angel – Mother’s Love

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Hu Zijun, who has multiple secondary disabilities, was abandoned by his father’s family since childhood. His mother, against her parents’ wishes, chose to care for him alone for 26 years. Hu Zijun deeply appreciates everything his mother has done for him. On her birthday, he wants to prepare a cake for her. However, facing society on his own for the first time, he gets lost. His mother blames herself and becomes anxious. On the verge of a breakdown, she receives a call from the Disabled Persons’ Federation, informing her that her child has been brought back to the institution by a teacher from the Disabled People’s Home. She rushes there immediately, finds her son, and learns the whole story. The mother is deeply moved. After understanding the Disabled People’s Home, she decides to leave her child there for learning and rehabilitation. Several years later, Hu Zijun not only becomes self-sufficient in his daily life but also learns to cook. His grandfather also accepts the mother and son again.

Directed by Lei Tian (China)

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