Dear Judith

Dear Judith

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In a time when raids on gay bars were happening and homosexuals were prosecuted and beaten, an unexpected chemistry sparks between two women.

Overtime the closeness of Claire and Judith evolves to something much more, right under the noses of James and David. Claire opens Judith’s eyes to become more open with her art and in turn, to be more open with herself. It becomes clear that Claire has taken a distance from David. Judith is close as ever with James, while having feelings for Claire.

Years later, during Claire’s birthday party, James proposes to Judith – right before she was planning to break up with him. Judith says “yes”, not only because she loves him, but because marrying him will keep her safe – because she is scared and not brave like Claire. In a moment of self-discovery, it’s too late and there’s no turning back time.

Directed by Mykel Salazar (USA)

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