Old Time Radio: Your Move

Old Time Radio: Your Move

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We find ourselves back in the macabre world of Old Time Radio. Riktus Grim and his half-brother, Edward Mise, have once again managed to climb their way out of their graves and make their way up to the ancestral home for a simple game of chess. What could go wrong…?
The world of “Old Time Radio” is meant to pay homage to the classic themes of the horror serial radio dramas from the 30s-40s-50s. There is an innocent quality that those programs offered that has been lost today. A chance to, collectively, adventure into a horror experience with a fun, almost comic, exuberance. I found that using old school movie tricks, such as rod puppets and miniature sets helps to convey the “feeling” I wanted to achieve. Hope you like it.

Directed by Joel Harlow (USA)

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