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Hadéja, 28, has been pregnant since she was 21. For years, she consulted several marabouts and sorcerers in vain. Excommunicated by her family and rejected in her native village, she takes refuge in the sacred village of SIRATOGO, where she is kindly welcomed by a learned septuagenarian.

The scholar Almamy has received the revelation that the child she is carrying is a celestial body whose birth will not be easy. Evil spirits have sworn that Hadéja will not give birth to her child who is seen as a future threat to their brotherhood.
After Hadeja’s sixth attempt at childbirth, research in the manuscripts establishes that the term of her pregnancy will only come after having elucidated 7 enigmas. Each puzzle representing a sacred ritual.
Despite her pregnancy and fatigue, Hadéja succeeds in the first 6 rituals and attracts the favor of the 6 protective geniuses of the holy city. The seventh ritual consists of reaching the shore of a sacred pond, it is the pond where the seventh and all-powerful of the creative geniuses lives. It is only after bathing in this pond that she will be able to give birth.
The challenge will be complex because the contractions for the seventh attempt at childbirth will begin on the way to the pond. On the way to the sacred pond, the first obstacle will be the loss of the donkey driving the cart. Progress on foot will also be interrupted by a group of jihadists. But Hadéja will finally reach the sacred pond, but after sunset.
The prescription being that the bath must be taken while the sun is at Zenith, Hadéja will have to wait for daybreak. Except that the contractions will become more insistent, while Hadéja has exhausted all her strength. Moussôkôrô, the old lady who accompanies her, lost and without recourse, will refresh her body with water from a bucket that they will find on the spot. This initiative will calm the contractions, but plunge Hadéjà into a kind of lethargy.
The cries of a newborn… The bath was actually accepted by the water genius because the water drunk by Hadéja and with which she was refreshed by the old lady Mousôkôro had been drawn while the sun was at its zenith and forgotten by a sinner.

Directed by Fousseyni Maiga (Mali)

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