Marda's Gift

Marda’s Gift

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Marda’s Gift is a film about a person seldom seen: a woman in her 80s doing work she’s passionate about. She is a baker, and yet so much more. Her life story includes designing and manufacturing a global brand of shoes, living and working abroad – and opening an international baking school in her home in Bend, Oregon. She has taught over 400 students from more than 20 countries how to bake, open bakeries – and ultimately – gave them the gift of helping them find happiness in life. One such student is Ezdan Fluckiger who epitomizes Marda’s gift. An ER doctor on the verge of burn out, Ezdan also has a daughter with Down Syndrome and knew she would need to find an occupation someday. The solution for both became clear to Ezdan the day he met Marda. Marda, now 82, is in her golden years…but her legacy and imprint on the world will live on through her baking recipes.
The simplicity of this film is where the heart of it is. Most films get funding because they shine a light on issues that need to be exposed. But “Marda’s Gift” needed to be made because it is simply delightful. It reminds us that we all have a shot at making a difference in this world – big or small. And some individuals, like Marda, quietly change the world…”one loaf of bread at a time.”

Directed by Kate McMahon (USA)

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