Dating Safely

Dating Safely

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On a sunny afternoon, an average, unassuming guy, Andrew, shows up for a hot, first date with a sweet girl, Danya. However, due to Danya’s cautious behavior, he unexpectedly must prove he is harmless and safe to date or his own safety may be at risk.

A good guy, Andrew, shows up on a first date and meets what seems to be a sweet girl, Danya. He quickly suspects she is strangely over concerned with dating safely.

When Andrew doesn’t agree to Danya’s requests (such as past girlfriend references), she calls her large, security guard cousin to evaluate him.
Andrew falls for Danya’s sweet ways and gets pulled in again and again to their interrogation/speculations of him. This is in despite of her unusual way of calling out unsafe dating behavior: blowing a pocket air horn at his face.

Andrew eventually decides it’s best to leave, but Billy catches him.
The last scene reveals Danya and Billy digging in a ditch in Billy’s backyard. Billy asks her if she has any other dates planned.
Danya declares dating is exhausting and is deleting the app.

She struggles in high heels to climb back up the ditch with her shovel. The camera cuts to a close up on Billy looking down at the buried body. Blackout.

Directed by Edgar Torres (USA)

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