Someone You Loved

Someone You Loved

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In a village of northeast China, Liu Jianguo, a 60 year-old man, is attracted by Xiufen(45) less than three months after his wife died. However, LIU Jianguo dares not tell anyone about it, even his son. During the Spring Festival, in the face of a saying that “dead relatives can return home in the first year” spread all over the village, between LIU’s son who believes that his mother would return and Xiufen who urges him to get married, LIU worries about his dead wife’s dissatisfaction at seeing him start a new life, and hesitates to marry Xiufen for various reasons. Under great psychological pressure, LIU finally decides to do something for the current situation. However, the development of things is different from what LIU thought. In this process, LIU’s complex thought has gradually become clearer.

Directed by Elly Zhou (China)

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