I..I..I... (Your Dreams Should Be Bigger Than Your Fears)

I..I..I… (Your Dreams Should Be Bigger Than Your Fears)

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A teenager never achieved a gpod medal in his life but many silver in athletics. one night before an event when he was researching about a world champion that was died due to multiple organ failure and fell in a dense sleep and achieved it in his double dream.dream is adream but every dream is different. So he achieve it in his dream, after ist dreaM HE THOUGHT IT WAS A DREAM AND HE CONFIRMED IN His that it was notand he actua;;y achieved itrelise if he can achieve in his dream and them he starts beleivin that it can actually be achievedAS WEll Full story available on demand, can be a full Bollywood/Hollywood movie or a television series

Directed by Suresh Makkar and Ashish sharma (Australia)

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