“Puzzled Path”, a portrait of the political turbulence in Hong Kong, plays at Indie Short Fest live screening on July 1st

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Under the shadow of political upheavals in Hong Kong, a retired police officer helps his reporter son escape from the riot police. While in hiding, the conflict between the father and son continues to escalate to the point that the son dashes out in anger. Worried about his safety, the father goes out to look for him but gets lost on the way due to dementia. What will unfold next? A new chapter of hope, or despair?

This is “Puzzled Path“, the award-winning 22-minute social drama directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Kenneth Ma, that has been confirmed for the lineup of the next Indie Short Fest live screening at Raleigh Studios Hollywood, on July 1st, 6pm.

Kenneth Ma

“The year of 2019 was a year of worldwide protests, and as Hongkonger thousands of miles away from Hong Kong, I had been living with the haunting uncertainty about my homeland and its people”, explains Kenneth Ma, currently based in Los Angeles. “Turbulence and turmoil in the news shocked me to the core; views and opinions of all kinds turned me against my beliefs. Politics, a subject I’d barely touched, forced itself upon us in the form of worry and fear. Oceans away, I wish I knew more to navigate such a chaos of competing information; I wish I could do more than reconstructing the world I see and tenderly remember through film. My crew and I hope to evoke in the audience a feeling of warmth and intimacy and inspire a collective introspection”, he adds.

Kenneth Ma and co-writer Anshu Zeng Yuan will participate in a Q&A after the screening of the film.

Awarded Best Student Short in the season of December 2021, “Puzzled Path” had its world premiere at the Indie Short Fest 2021 Annual Awards last January.

Puzzled Path” joins immigration drama “11.02.2020.MPLS.MN”, WWII drama “Trust” and award-winning drama on Wuhan’s coronavirus lockdown “Mother in the Mist” in this special Q&A and screening.

Tickets on sale.

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