"I Love Louie"

“I Love Louie”

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“I Love Louie” is about Louie Hagler, the cheapest man on the planet. Louie is so cheap he buys the slum apartment building his mistress, Pixie, lives in. His plan is to make her the manager so he can write her off on his taxes.
Today, is their 32nd Anniversary and Pixie has prepared a special surprise for him. It’s hula lying down.
Meanwhile next door, two strangers wake up in bed together. It’s awkward. They don’t know where they are or how they got there. Then they discover their wallets and phones have been stolen and they’re locked in.
They start pounding on the walls and screaming, totally ruining Pixie’s Hula Surprise. Then something odd happens.

Directed by Jill Jaress (USA)

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