Lip Reader: Game Of Detective

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Lin is a college student who has a severe hearing impairment, but she has a fantastic talent for reading lip languages. She is famous in the paparazzi industry, and also she served as an “intelligence analyst” for a paparazzi company in her spare time, reading out the information from a large number of videos taken by the paparazzi, and finding out the valuable clues…One day, Lin and her new paparazzo partner Zhou photographed a popular Chinese actress Lulu who’s coming to Hollywood to attend the red carpet of Oscar. But unexpectedly Lulu’s luxuries diamond necklace which she will wear it to Oscar and values more than twenty million dollars mysteriously disappeared in her villa. Only 48 hours before Oscar, Lin tries to find clues from the video that they had photographed in these few days. But at the same time… Danger is closing to her…

Directed by Tanxuan Shi (China)

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