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A young girl finds out the hard way that it’s the smallest of thing; that can cause the greatest damage, and now she has a choice to make: Beat it or join it.
It’s 1999. Eleven year old Monica Montgomery, an innocent, highly sensitive, and unusually wise child, lives in a tight-knit urban community. In Monica’s eyes, life is seen through rose colored glasses, where nearly everything is fun, vibrant,
exciting … and hopeful.
On one particular day, without warning and by pure happenstance, Monica’s perspective is immediately broken. Her youthful innocence is shattered and forever changed. Her alternated view forces her to see the harsh realities in her life. Monica must fight. She must fight for that hope she once had, the innocence she just beheld, and the future she wants to obtain, for despite the violence, despite the destruction, and all the irreparable damage, a terrible cycle continues undeterred. Monica faces a choice. It’s a choice everyone has had co make at one point in their lives. Will she continue the cycle too? Or will she be the one to end it?

Directed by Celina Igwe (USA)

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