“Forward “- Episode 1.1 “Too Late”

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Forward explores the emotional/psychologiocal effects of a lawyer who feels like he’s running out of time in life and can’t seem to shake his illicit affairs. In episode one, Nick finally gets caught in his lies one late night as he leaves his girlfriend/sex worker’s apartment. Nick is clearly more into her than she is to him, but he’s paying the bills. His girlfriend/sex worker also has second thoughts on her life as she calls her daughter after Nick leaves the apartment that he’s paying for. When Nick leaves, he has numerous messages from his wife and son. Nick calls home and his wife tells him he missed his college-bound son’s last school concert. This was the last straw. Nick’s wife has had enough and calls him out on his stuff and their son overheard the entire conversation. Nick is in trouble and his world is swirling around him as he sits and contemplates his messy life. Nick’s wife (Brie), son (Malik) and girlfriend/sex worker (Brie), all suddenly have to figure out how to move forward from this crazy night.

Directed by Christopher Booth (USA)

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