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This film seeks to be both a performance recording, and a visual experiment.
We want to show the power and grace of the/her body, and in parallel the effort and pain.
Marion Gautier De Charnacé is a dancer at the Opera de Paris.
She embodies this character with her personal brand of visual stamina and musical introspection.
We alternate between wide locked shots and extreme close-up ones as emotions change, as glances are cast. We scrutinize her moves, her steps, we detail her slightest
tremors. The handheld camera seeks to be as close to her as possible, physically, mentally..
We reached out for abstract framings on her body ,her face, playing with variations of depth of field, motion blurs, ,camera spins. This visual vocabulary is solicited to spark
a lyrical abstraction and a sensitive feverishness…
The soundtrack is powerful, sometimes harsh,, then suddenly melodious. It accompanies Marion and binds us to her, as she wanders, throughout the piece.
The music is mixed with live audio, to emphasize the eeriness of the film. We’re creating accidents, random synchronization shifts, misalignments of the ambient sounds.
Sound abstraction emphasizes visual abstraction.
 ‘Otto’, the track composed by Woodkid, is continuously present, evolving over time as it describes the emotional arc of the character, drifting from one atmosphere to
another, from one setting to the next … The piece offers a wide variety of rhythms and sounds. This broad musical gamut has been invaluable in underlining and clarifying
the variety of emotions …
The duration of the film is 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The piece takes its time to gently sweep you away into a visual and musical world that we sincerely hope you have
found captivating…

Directed by Axel Cosnefroy and Antoine Poulet (France)

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