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In a world where physical distancing is strictly enforced during a years-long pandemic, Eric Jones (Alex Skinner) looks forward to his frequent video dates with Kat Hunley (Kiana Madani) a tech wizard who does consulting projects for the government. Eric’s last girlfriend, Sarah, was killed by the virus, so he values his time with Kat. A nonprofit advocate, Eric’s also intrigued by Kat’s penchant for taking risks, and tonight, she has a crazy idea: meeting up “IRL,” or In Real Life.

Eric really wants to see Kat in person – so he agrees to her plan. They meet at a local bar with a Clean Air Space System (CAS System). Despite initial nerves, Eric is pretty smitten by Kat, and after a few drinks, the two decide to take an even greater risk: go to Eric’s place.

Once there, it turns out that Eric and Kat have dangerous secrets to share – secrets that are best kept at a safe distance.

Directed by Jared Milrad (USA)

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