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The woman patiently awaits until her very last breath.


A woman in a bloody dress is standing by a fire, looking closer we see a couple of feet laying in the flames. The music accompanies us to alternating shots between the woman in a mask expressing existence though movement and scenes of a couple enjoying life, nature and each other, they are now expecting a baby.

The woman is severely suffering in trying to survive surrounded by man-made things that now flood the earth. The couple rush to see her laying on the ground barely holding on to life. She is relieved to see them approach only to witness the couple ’s inaction as they just stare at her with arrogance and cold-heartedness.

With her last breath she spills a gas canister and it becomes clear that the couple’s time is over. After the unsettling music comes to a halt we see the beginning of the movie from another perspective as she throws the broken mask into the fire and walks away. She turns enough for us to see that she is wearing the mask again and now it is clean and whole.

Directed by Kadi Wald (Finland)

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