Lasting Impact

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Year 2042. A man is staring down at the clock nervously. If an investor is not found by 6:00PM, the contract will get terminated. A minute prior to the void of contract, an unexpected investor appears. What relationship do the two men have? Wind back to 2021. 17-year-old Ryan from Seoul, South Korea and 18-year-old Samuel from Indonesia as an Afghanistan Refugee. No one could foresee what the help of 17-year-old Ryan would bring down the road after 21 years. The story that gives the realization of ‘Positive Impact,’ and that the help one person provides can greatly change and impact another’s life, is based on the true story of a special friendship between Director Ryan Seun Woo Kwon and Afghanistan Refugee Samuel.

Directed by Ryan Seun Woo Kwon (South Korea)

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