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Artists who had lost freedom of movement started to transfer into the online environment, VRChat, which is a metaverse of internet and game space. However, because of maladjustment with their in-game bodies, they have gathered again in the KIN shelter.

Hyeji has created her own avatar for a long time, but it was replicated easily. Media artist Minji feel anxious because of the fast-changing technology. Jihye carried out her avatar modification to restore the honour of the original character, Miya. Through migration to the VRChat, the online multi-access sandbox game, three artists became virtual refugees as role-playing. They tried to overcome the technophobia of the virtual reality. Thinking about the coexistence of virtual bodies, they built the ‘KIN shelter’ and made the ‘virtual world tutorial for artists’ together.

Directed by Ga young An (South Korea)

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