It’s Just a Boy

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Teenager Amy lives in a small suburb with over protective mum Penny, Dad Dan and younger sister Sophia.
When Amy begins receiving online messages from a cute looking boy ‘Olly’ showering her with compliments, she devises a plan to meet up with him, telling Penny she’s at a friends house. Penny who often checks Amys social media, discovers Ollys inappropriate messages. But when she attempts to contact Amy things take a dramatic course before she eventually intercepts the meeting. Penny is shocked at her daughters naivety. And Amy is angrier than ever that her mum doesn’t trust her.
Penny reports the online account to the authorities but they refuse to get involved. She feels helpless as Ollys messages become more intense so she takes over Amy’s social media. She’s in a desperate situation and with no support from the police her and Dan decide to deal with the situation as a family themselves. Posing as Amy, Penny arranges to meet Olly. But who do they find when they arrive at the meeting point? Who’s been messaging Amy? And is it Just a boy?
‘It’s just a boy’ is based on true events and is intended to spread awareness of the risks of children and teenagers communicating with strangers on social media.

Directed by Jane Webb (UK)

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