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“Hallway” is a film that uses movement to tell the story of a babysitter, kids in bed, killing time texting, who suddenly endures a frightening journey down a bizarre hallway. She is forced into rooms of enchantment and terror. Can she escape? Director/Choreographer Janet Roston worked with her dance/theater company, Mixed eMotion Theatrix (MeMT) on the short film. MeMT creates hybrid dance/theater productions working in both live performance and film. For this project they partnered with a Los Angeles high school dance company. Created completely virtually in Fall 2020, the production worked within the strict restrictions of Los Angeles’ Covid-19 quarantine. No live interactions occurred with performers or the production team. Rehearsals were virtual, lighting was limited to a few lights transported from house to house, and all shooting was by family members following a shot list. In many ways this video reflects the isolation these high school students feel in quarantine. Trapped in their living space, buffeted by the difficult situation of the pandemic, they enter into strange and frightening worlds.

Directed by Janet Roston (USA)

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