Pröwess: Let It Ride

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“Let It Ride” is a conceptual music video shot for the rock band Pröwess. The aim was to create a video that genuinely felt like something you might have seen on VHS way back when. The angles, acting, lighting, and even a dash of that classic campiness were all designed to elicit the feeling of watching something through that medium. We included a credit roll (atypical for a music video) as part of the experience to help solidify the classic feel and to add personality. The video is also littered with Easter eggs that harken back to some of our favorite classic TV shows and movies.

In post-production, we transferred our digital footage to VHS and watched through classic floor model TVs in order to study so that we could really nail the look. We added some introductory footage featuring modern camerawork to provide some contrast to the VHS footage to help solidify the concept. Every second of this film is designed to provide entertainment and lend itself to the overall concept, right up to the final card which was created and composed for this video. We genuinely had fun making this video and we hope that fun translates to audiences. We believe Let It Ride is very charming and endearing, and we hope that viewers agree!

Directed by Scott Roby (USA)

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