Beyond Frames

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Arvange is born from a desire for revenge, already inscribed/engraved in the etymology of the Piedmontese word “arvangia”.
A man draws confidence from his schemes. The castle becomes his defensive system as a castling move in a chess game. Doing so, he refuses to accept that nature which, far from being a mere intellectual abstraction, turns out to be a dense reality against which, sooner or later, we are forced to clash with.
Cantina Valtidone – a passionate team headed by a forward-thinking President – has discovered the secret of success in hard work, in the sweat of the seasons, and in relentless experimentation. As the man has admired nature, its potential, and the indistinct and tumultuous stirring chaos which questions our distracted conscience.
Nietzsche used to say: “You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star”. Our true nature lies within this organised chaos. If we accept to welcome the Kaos (the vast void, according to the Greek etymology), the possibility of a unique space of discovery and growth opens up for us.
Let’s go back to the chess. At the beginning, the man, like Narcissus, can only see one blurred image of itself in a worn mirror. He is playing against himself, until his true self reveals. Finally, the man realizes that he must escape the tight meshes of a misleading, safe, and narcissistic game.
Then, he stops playing. The man understands that that initial game – with himself – was nothing more than a ladder to go further, to climb. But when you are up there, you don’t need the ladder anymore. Reality appears in all its grandeur the minute the man decides to stop playing: the light-flooded and Dionysian bubbles of Pinot Noir explode, the vines radiate dazzling colours as an aerial view passes through Valtidone.
Pinot Noir leads the game. Brave warrior hands wield a sabre to release countless bubbles of ARVANGE – obtained with the classic method, already awarded with the “3 Bicchieri” by Gambero Rosso.
Chess was an opportunity to discover a classic method sparkling wine allowing the genius to make his moves and to seize the essence of life through art.

Directed by Carlo Guttadauro (USA)

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