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PolyU, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the campus buildings with its iconic red brick exteriors, withstood an unprecedented campus protest upheaval in November 2019. Police fired flash grenades against university buildings, a mother determined to enter the besieged campus to save her daughter…… the rare battlefield footage is revealed for the first time. Frontline journalists recorded at first hand the fiercest clashes between police and protesters as well as the people’s unwavering resolve of breaking out from the smoke filled campus, witnessed a large number of people getting wounded and cleansing bare flesh, all resembling the view of a disaster scene, as well as experienced the will power of those in the campus tumbling from the peak of zeal to the valley of despair.

The PolyU siege of 13 days accounted for the mass arrests of over one thousand people. Inside the campus, many tried to break free from the lockdown, abseiling, crawling in the sewage, crawling on the railroad, sleeping in sub-ceiling, food supply shortage, all induced a humanitarian crisis. Outside the campus, thousands from various districts in the city joint forces single-mindedly to come to the rescue but the efforts were to no avail, a human stampede also occurred in Yau Ma Tei, hundreds ended up being charged with rioting. “Why is the university turned into a war zone?” What is left behind after the siege?

Directed by Hoikit Cheung (Hong Kong)

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