Dust on My Fingernails

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Kerem is a young Istanbulite who suffers poor communications with his family and has problems in social life. One morning he has to learn the reason of the noise from upstairs, his neighbor Zerrin’s house. He rushes up and finds Zerrin in the kitchen, dead. Although he never liked Zerrin yet tried to conceal his dislike, he has to take care of Zerrin’s funeral. He does not respond to his father’s insisting phone calls, whom he has not seen for more than a year. After burying Zerrin, Kerem, who is from the near villages of Istanbul, goes to the family home. He walks by the village cemetery and sees his father and sister next to a freshly closed grave. He understands that, while he dealed with the Zerrin’s funeral whom he disliked and did not know that much, he missed his own mother’s funeral.

Directed by Mahmut Coşkun (Turkey)

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