Out of the Mist: Battle in the Middle Realm

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Out of the Mist: Battle in the Middle Realm

There is a realm beyond the earth where much planning occurs related to the fate of man. This is a story of a young married couple traveling a highway along the coast, heading to a new home. It is just at dusk, the night is clear, and a fine mist is moving along the water. They pulled over for a short rest and exchanged conversation, as the wife attempts to locate an entertaining program on the radio. They assumed the static reception of the radio waves was the result of the mist that had begun to cover the highway. When ready to continue their trip, the husband made several attempts but their car wouldn’t start.

While waiting, night falls and the husband notices an image moving in the shadows along the edge of the woods. After one more attempt with the ignition, the husband gets out of the car to check under the hood. He is anxious and eager to get it started. Outside the car, while checking under the hood, the husband is aware of the presence in the woods. In the car, the wife, unaware of the image the husband saw, notices a bright light in the woods and urges her husband to investigate to see if it was a cabin or campers–someone who might help them.

The husband goes into the woods where he is confronted by a scene of death and dismemberment. He finds one survivor and attempts to help him to safety in the car but the survivor convinces the husband to flee, leaving the survivor behind. As he runs, he hears the screams of agony as something is attacking lone survivor. Back at the car, the couple has several experiences with the slimy mist. In the end, they are relieved as they think they are being rescued by a highway state trooper. However, they soon learn the trooper is in fact part of the “presence,” –the image that has come out of the mist. The couple is abducted, joining the list of missing persons, and the highway patrol man (who is one of the creatures from out of the mist) returns to his post to await the next assignment.

Written by Theresa Wilson (USA)

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