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A woman living in New York City receives a telephone call from Eastern Europe. Her grandmother has died and the woman quickly returns to her homeland.
Entering her grandmother’s apartment, she finds a music box. She winds it up and as the music box opens she is transported back in time to the magical world of her childhood: fairytales, dreams and her first love.
At the funeral, she notices a man who reminds her of her first boyfriend, he recognizers her too and avoids contact.
Back at the airport for her returning flight, she discovers that the man she thought she recognized at funeral is now a customs control officer.
As he reaches out to her, for a moment she thinks that he has recognized her, but instead he confiscates a gift left to her by her grandmother.
The realization that they are now complete strangers is devastating. Not only has she lost her grandmother and the final link to her homeland, but she’s also grieving the loss of a magical time in her life where she felt safe and loved.
But as she reflects on all of the beautiful memories she still has, that made her who she is today, she finds comfort from the fact that although she has grown away from her past, her past still lives on in her memories, as colorful and magical as always.

Directed by Helena Giersz (USA)

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