Final Curtain

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Everything in aspiring actor Finn O’Connor’s life seems to be going nowhere. A grotty flat on the wrong side of town carpeted with brown envelopes and final demands coupled with a constant stream of failed auditions and romantic rejections have stifled his belief that his big acting break is just around the corner.

As much as he despises it, Finn’s job waiting tables at the upmarket Luna restaurant was the only thing keeping his head above water but maybe his luck is about to change as his shift coincides with the attendance of famous director Brendan Bloom.

Convinced that this could be his big break, Finn attempts to persuade the obnoxious film maker to let him audition for his latest project. Things don’t go according to Finn’s plan and a furious Bloom demands the intrusive waiter be dealt with by the restaurant’s infamous Maitre d.

Only too happy for an excuse to fire Finn, the Maitre d shows him the door but not before instructing him to order a taxi for the raging Brendan Bloom. Out in the dark, Dublin night a rain soaked Finn O’Connor has hit rock bottom, his phone illuminates with a receipt from the taxi firm. Finn stares at the destination address, knowing this is where the architect of his misery has been dropped off; he sets off towards the house.

A partied out Brendan Bloom is woken from his drug induced sleep by the now empowered Finn. Bloom has been bound to a chair and despite his initial protestations it seems that Finn has no intention of releasing him until he’s delivered the audition he feels he’s entitled to.

Bloom’s anger soon turns to fear as Finn’s demeanour becomes more and more menacing. As the evening moves towards its tragic conclusion, Finn O’Connor delivers the performance of a lifetime.

Directed by Dan Gifford (Ireland)

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