The Things We Tell the Ones We Love

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“The Things We Tell the Ones We Love” is a satirical sci-fi thriller about a designer virus that attacks the pre-frontal cortex of select humans, causing damage to executive functions. Those infected enter into a Frenetic Random Activity Period, in which they temporarily lose inhibitions, act on impulse and do dangerous things. The film is set a few years in the future, in Central Freedom Zone 2, an area of the midwestern United States with no taxes, no public services and no regulations. 

Billy has become estranged from his wife Sabrina after she contracted the virus, and lives with his mother Mary and 18-month-old daughter. Sabrina suffers an outbreak and attacks the house, obsessed with stealing back her daughter. With the help of his mother and sister Ashley, Billy defends their house from multiple FRAP invasions by Sabrina and her Syncro, Bunny Clown Dude. Unwilling to pay for private police service or the outrageously-priced anti-dote, Billy’s mother Mary is ready to solve the problem the old-fashioned way.

Directed by Matt Wilkins (USA)

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