The Sound of Love

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Amidst the beautiful Dauladhar ranges, in a small town tucked away at the cradle of the Himalayas, there was a warm celebration of love. We were witness to an intimate wedding, simple in demeanour but intricate with emotions.  
Surrounded by a warm, full house preparing for their princess’ most special day, we found music in the sea of sounds. And little did we know that emotions were so melodious. Richa and Nitesh’s heart-warming wedding was the banter of bitter-sweet memories, a genuine rendition of a small Indian wedding. A lot of homely prep, a roller coaster ride of sentiments, a symphony of chatter and laughter, cheers and tears. It is an auditory experience with no need for additional music.  
Here it is. Our journey of seeing, hearing, and living through the sounds of love.

Directed by Siddharth Sharma (India)

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