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2B1 is an interactive music video that metaphorically explores the inner conflict caused by identity issues. The animation is inspired by the disconnection the author experienced while living on and off in two drastically different countries; It hints at bilingualism and culture differences between the UK and Russia.
The animation shows the everyday life of Cole – a guy literally split in between two realities. (The viewer is able to separately observe each half by switching in-between said realities)
As the story progresses it is revealed that living in two worlds isn’t easy. The two halves seem to disagree on what to do, each one interested only in their own world. They end up confronting each other head to…leg in a fight. Although victory comes at a cost of loosing the other part of themselves forever.

The viewer is the one who chooses the winner, but if they refuse to make a choice- Cole’s parts fuse together and the worlds he was living in merge as well. Cole realises that he doesn’t have to pick one part of himself, but rather can get the best of both worlds and become whole. Or, as the title implies – to be one.

Directed by Nica Petrova (Russia)

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