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Grumpy rookie Drictor Ungyu Na, talkative Assistant Director, and Producer Kim, person who trying to working those two guys. Their horror script writing project begins!

Talkative Assistant Director analyze the rules off horror film and gave to Ungyu and suggest to have a Horror experience to write a horror film script. Three of them finally f have done the fearful Haunted House experience. They shared some feelings during the Haunted House experience, and they get close to each other.

Finally they get in to ‘Chunsagwan’ in the Kofic Studio to wright the script. But there is a rumor that ‘Chunsagwan’is hunted. First night at the Chunsagwan, an unbeliever of ghost, Ungyu fight against ghost and try to stay alive with the rules off horror film that
Assistant Director gave. In the Extreme horror, Ungyu starting to tell a sad family story, and realize Value off Family. Next morning, is the Fear really ended?

Directed by SoonSung Lee (South Korea)

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