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Yuval David’s “One Actor Short” Brings to Reality An Unscripted Fully Improvised High-Stakes Crime Procedural on Manhattan Streets.

Award-winning actor, host, and filmmaker Yuval David has created the first-ever episodic digital series dedicated to creating films in an experimental and improvisational format by including randomly selected individuals from the street to spontaneously play roles in the film – “One Actor Short.”

In this completely innovative and daring approach to filmmaking, Yuval takes his film crew onto the streets of New York where he handpicks and assembles a cast to play roles in the film from people he randomly meets on the streets of New York. Yuval then directs them through a series of scenes, each one spontaneous and improvised, helping the plot of the film to organically develop based on each newly attached member of the cast and evolution of each scene.

When Yuval and his crew begin, they have no idea what each film will look like, who will be cast in it and what the plot will even be, but that rapidly changes as this radically fresh format takes shape and blooms in front of the lens.

Through his masterful production and direction and by providing each member of his cast with a safe and brave space to perform authentically and playfully in a judgment-free zone, Yuval ends up pulling astonishing performances from them.

‘One Actor Short’ follows his collection of other groundbreaking series, all devoted to entertaining, uplifting and inspiring his audience, including ‘Better World with Yuval David,’ ‘What Makes You Beautiful?’ and ‘Pranks of Kindness,’ to name a few.

In his newly released pilot episode of “One Actor Short” – which has been garnering a substantial number of views and much praise — Yuval and his cast bring to life a high stakes procedural crime drama akin to heavily watched series such as ‘Law & Order,’ ‘NCIS,’ ‘CSI’ or ‘Blue Bloods.’

Once he finds out if they would like to join his film, Yuval guides his spontaneously assembled cast members to create their characters, and begins asking them a variety of questions, including “Do you want to be a good guy or a bad guy?” and “Do you speak any other languages?” He then works with them to choose their characters’ names and scenes. This is all captured in a documentary style format leading up to the actual short film.

Like all great crime procedurals, ‘One Actor Short’ is packed with mysterious and cryptic interactions with clandestine characters and high-paced action sequences.

Yuval David has also released “One Actor Short 2,” a romantic comedy telling the story of a lonely man’s attempts to find a significant other through the help of his good friends.

Directed by Yuval David (USA)

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