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Year 2025: the presence of God is proven. Girl invites the priest into her house. He gives people an official approval to commit a suicide and meet God. In order to persuade him, the girl lists the reasons why her life does not have meaning anymore (ascending paralysis, financial struggles, divorce and loneliness).
He demolishes her story by pointing out the lies, and asks what’s the REAL reason behind her will to die. Relentless and he wants to leave, and she decides to confess: in a world where everything is known for a fact, as for an artist there is nothing new for her to create. If there is no speculation, there is no faith, no mystery or unpredictability.

Since the Second Coming of Christ, she was unable to paint. The only painting she was able to finish, is covered with a blanket. She admits that she’s afraid and ashamed to look at it. The priest gives her his approval, opens his case and gives her a rope. She puts the rope around her neck and kisses the priest in gratitude. After she hangs herself, he comes closer to the finished painting and looks what’s under the blanket.
There’s a painting of the girl giving the priest her last kiss.

Written by Konstantin Pivovar (USA)

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