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In a world where the earth is split into two strictly repressed societies, two young adults try to find answers and salvation in the form of emotions and colors while still trying to fall in line with societal rules.

Perfect is the first chapter in a story centered on two young adults from two very different societies that both face similar repression in the worlds they live in. H3134 is a young woman who lives in a monotonous society that lives a literal bleak, black and white lifestyle where showing any emotions and falling out of social rules is banned. All civilians in this world must dress, walk, talk, and live the same. Dax lives in an eccentric hemisphere that is only filled with vibrant colors and “happiness.” Everyone must smile at all times and any other form of emotion other than joy is banned from this world.

This story tells the beginning tale of these two young adults trying to survive while hiding the secret that they do not fit in in their respective worlds.

Directed by David-Dennis Morgan (USA)

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