What Did You Expect?

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“Soon I’m going to be like this famous career woman, and I don’t think I’ll have time to visit you and all your babies.”

Do you remember that friend you couldn’t help but be jealous of because of their extravagant celebrity life style?

Well, that’s exactly who Marci wanted to become. There were a lot of high hopes for Marci, she was supposed to be a famous career woman, have her own television series, then be a superstar teacher. Sadly, that just wasn’t in the cards. Instead she was jobless, single, and lived on her friend’s couch. And now the only way she’s convinced she can turn things around is to find a new boyfriend to make her old frenemy jealous.

This is an epic coming-of-age journey where delusion meets reality. Will she learn her lesson? Um…no, the answer is…she will not. Well, what did you expect?

Directed by Melissa Daneri (USA)

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