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Saffi is a sexagenarian loner who hears about afterlife from a street showman during his show. He has a boring life, and not doing much at work but sweeping tollroad gates and watching horizon and highways, often with an unknown guy once saying his mother used to tell him there were horses everywhere beyond the mountains when he was a child. Saffi lives in a ragged room in the skid row and he is just a calm viewer of the neighboring windows and local gatherings in a café house near his home. At the same time, TV voices and radio news are strangely all about death and fatality, till one day Saffi sees how a tollroad checker is almost dead by sudden cardiac arrest. He decides to goes back to visit the so called showman, and the showman tells him there is no point in becoming an animal after death and treats him in a way like he was just joking about afterlife stories that day and finally hands a turtle over to Saffi saying it can survive for a years. But, Saffi seems concerned yet about the situation. At night, we see how he is finding his way back to home among hobos and hoodlums and a few days later, he is wandering along the highway from work while leaving the turtle upside down to die.

Directed by Mohamad Razazian (Iran)

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