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Déjà vu tells the story of Julio, a young man who finds himself in an internal battle immersed in a predictable and monotonous routine.
He wakes up one day and start to have some visions. In a playful way they cause a series of sensations, rescue memories and dreams from his past.
As the visions become more frequent, they raise questions and doubts from the decisions and attitudes he has had so far.
Julio gets more and more confused as soon past and present get mix and he can no longer distinguish what is really happening at the time.
Walking around the city he has a Déjà vu feeling that makes him travel in time. He finds himself in a wild green field where he used to fly a kite as a kid.
In that place he finds the naive and immaculate happiness of his childhood, but he also faces his alter ego and will have to fight with his own conscience to overcome his biggest obstacles.

Directed by Rodrigo Fleury (Brazil)

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