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Barry (60) lives alone with an old-fashioned china doll. He takes good care of this doll everyday. Even though he is not good at cooking at all, he still cooks double breakfast everyday and eats them all. Then he starts his day.

He tries to get back home by 6:00 pm everyday since he once made the promise to his family that he would come home before 6 to have dinner with them, but he didn’t make it. His wife died because of a gas leak at that day.

On the day of Julia(Barry’s wife)’s 30-year ceremony, he dressed up and took the bus to the ceremony park. When he steps on the bus, weird thing happened. The time space started to distort and he went back to 30 years ago. On the day of Julia’s death. He witnessed everything that happened on that day, he watched Julia died but he could do nothing about it. He is like a ghost, a bystander. The huge trauma of seeing all the happenings was even stronger than the moment of being told about Julia’s death.

Directed by Ruiqi Zhang (USA)

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