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A couple addicts to personal devices and they don’t make conversation any more. After their anniversary dinner, sitting face-to-face, the husband is playing video games on his tablet computer and the wife is chatting with her girl friends by texting. Suddenly, the room plunges into darkness by a power cut. The only source of light comes for their tablet and phone. Soon the wife’s phone dies and she sits in the dark desperately. The husband has to share his tablet computer with her. The light from the screen of tablet shines on their faces. The husband plays the song when they fell in love with each other. They kiss and start to make out in the dark when the light from the screen disappears after a while when no one touches it. When the power comes back, the wife charges her phone immediately. They return to the situation where they ignore each other and focus on their personal devices.

Directed by Yuxue LI (Canada)

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