Falling in Love: A Coming of Age Selfie Film

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A young teen talks to ‘you’ via Selfies on her smart phone. In these conversations the girl shares her loneliness moving, loosing her best friend, her beginning friendships with new kids, and her realization that she has fallen in love again. When Rob invites her to the school dance there is a crisis which upsets her terribly. At the very end of the film the crisis is resolved in a way that helps her emotionally and makes her stronger. This film is based on my book, Secrets, Diary of a Gutsy Teen. However, the addition of her Selfie recordings to the ‘you’ is not in the book and opens the door to many other issues that kids face in today’s world. Is she keeping a diary or reaching out to a friend, a stranger? Are we in the audience the ‘you’? The film has lent itself to great discussion, laughs, sighs and questions.

Directed by Barbara Becker Holstein (USA)

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