Coastal Fire: A Common Diary

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Views are my own, but I’m far from alone.

***Global Music Award winning soundtrack released on Bandcamp 11/5/19 (election day) – available at

“Coastal Fire – A Common Diary” depicts via chamber music the emotional fallout from the 2016 US presidential election on a personal and societal level. Documentary footage and dreamlike imagery combine to capture the zeitgeist of a population teetering constantly on the edge of revulsion and resolve.

*** Live performance of the score available within reasonable travel distance from Seattle if given sufficient notice and compensation for 7-piece chamber orchestra

*** Self-contained <5minute segments available (see marked divisions) upon request with end credits added 1. Suspended Ceiling; 2. Pastore; 3. Towering Gilt; 4. Largo; 5. Winter Camp; 6. Fugue; and 7. Hailing, It’s Mourning

*** “I love the music and film. Terrific work. Would it help to have some kind of quote from me?” – VIP music and film critic

*** “The music score is brilliant… The concept of this documentary is brave…” – Utah Film Festival and Awards

*** Features ledger artwork by Oglala Lakota artist P. Joel Pulliam

Directed by Susan Maughlin Wood (USA)

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