Mandatory award-winning AFI drama “Thieves” at Indie Short Fest February live screening in Hollywood

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A desperate pickpocket reconsiders his actions when he encounters another pickpocket stealing from a pregnant woman.

Thieves” (USA), the award-winning AFI drama short directed by Danish Julius Christian Christian Telmer, is confirmed for the lineup of the Indie Short Fest February premiere screening at Raleigh Studios Hollywood on Feb 7th, Friday, at 6 pm.

A visual narrative and tragic story with no words.

Julius Christian Christian Telmer
Julius Christian Christian Telmer

“‘Thieves’ is a story about tragic redemption. It is about a man who has gone down a dark path in life, and one day is confronted by both his actions and past. A crucial moment occurs where he must decide with which version of himself he can live. I wanted to tell a narrative, intense and tragic story using images and sound alone and no words. I wanted to make everything clear and straightforward, using only universal tools of storytelling to convey subtle emotions and suspense”, explains Julius Christian Christian Telmer.

Starring Morten Holst, “Thieves” was awarded Best Short Film (overall) of December 2019.

After the screening, there is a Q&A with the cast and crew. “Thieves” is one of the 6 films to be screened at the event.

Tickets on sale.

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