Star Hunt

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“Star Hunt” is an experimental short art film with the story of a potential meteorite sighting and the subsequent fruitless search for the object at its core. Taking this celestial visitor and its ramifications as the starting point, ideas of family mythology and genetic inheritance are considered via live footage and animation. The relation between deep time, the formation of the universe, the present and the personal is made, starting with the big bang, and ending with a close up of an imagined view of our changing chemical environment. The movement between reality and constructed visions of the past gives the film a fluid aesthetic that is consolidated by the immersive soundtrack.

Made on a very small budget, the special effects were created using a fish tank, lightbox, dyes, hand cut paper stencils and filmed reflections. It was written, directed, produced, filmed and edited by Daisy Richardson who also co-wrote and co-performed all of the music used in the film.

Directed by Daisy Richardson (UK)

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