Tuva Youngster: Yong Deng

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Yong Deng, a 12 years old Tuva boy who is living in Altay in Xinjiang, China. Altay is a remote area in China. He inherited the habits from the old generations, he likes fur skiing and riding horses which are also the main transportations of Tuva local people.
Nowadays the modern technology offers a way that Yong Deng could explore the world. He wants to learn the modern snow board instead of the fur skiing. He made a deal with his father if he could win the race of the Children’s fur skiing, he would get a whole new set of snow board.
With the development of China, Yong Deng’s parent hope he could go out and experience different life by being a snow board player. On the voyage of growing up.With the development of China’s remote villages, parents hope that Yong Deng will master the current skiing technology and get out of the mountains,contact with the outside world. On the way of growing up, he will confront lots of difficulties, will his dream come true?

Directed by Zhang Xiquan (China)

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