Festival of the Midnight Sun

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Two filmmakers wants to make a movie, but what story to choose? One of them pitch the idea of that true story about what was supposed to be Sweden’s answer to Woodstock, set at a motorway in the Swedish countryside back in 1970. They expected 300.000 people, but only 3.000 showed up and a plethora of weirdness took place around what has been described as “Sweden’s biggest music failure”.

As this story unfolds over a phone conversation, we see what the movie would have looked like, it they were to pick that idea. But will they? To begin with they don’t even have time for this, and actually, real life is even more hard to puzzle than this short show in its documentary parts.

A short that ends in the beginning, with long time Swedish actor Bert-Åke Varg in one of the roles, Swedish writer and columnist Fredrik Strage and Swedish band Hellsingland Underground as Canned Heat.

Weird doesn’t end here, while working on this short, getting no funds having to fund it themselves and using crowdfunding, the creators came in contact with a person that said “Hey, let’s breathe some life in to this festival…” and the festival returned, gloriously, in August 2019.

This short is a slice of a full length script, where more ideas with various themes are pitched back and forth, with a longer short baked into it – the short they finally decide to make. That long script can however also be broken down in to more shorts.

Directed by Björn Rallare, Niklas Mertel Ekelund and Peder Carlsson (Sweden)

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