A Door

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John, a middle-aged everyman, disaffected and alienated from his life without a concrete reason why. One morning when waiting for a bus to go to work, he becomes enamored by a nearby door. There is no rational reason why he is obsessed with this door that stands about a 100 feet away from his local bus stop. But every day, before work, he can’t stop obsessing about this door, listening to the sounds on the other side, trying to find a way in.

One day, when putting his ear against the door to listen, he becomes stuck to it. His whole body – face, hands, and torso – stuck to the door like he’s a rat stuck to a glue trap. His mouth is stuck so he can’t call for help. And then, without warning, the door opens, and he is pulled inside into a dark and mysterious apartment.

John finds himself in a new world, and a new relationship, all without his consent. The door that he is stuck to is stuck to another man’s back, who carries this door around like an oversized backpack, going about his day as if having a man stuck to a door stuck to your back is a normal, everyday thing. Soon the two of them build a life together. They eat, they bathe, they sleep. They even go to work together. In this new world it has become completely commonplace for someone to have a door stuck to one’s back with another person attached.

John and the man from the other side of the door build a relationship together. They rely on each other for companionship. Until one tragic day when the other man is accidentally crushed under the weight of the door and John.

John is now, finally, free. But does he want this freedom. Does he miss the burden that has been thrust upon him, relying on the routine that has made him whole? What does John do with these new feelings of loss? How does he fill this need that he never knew he had?

How long until John gets his own man stuck to a door for himself?

Directed by Yawen Hu (USA)

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