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On a terrace with views of the Sagrada Familia, Sophie explains to a couple of friends the story about when she went to visit her mom, who was living in a country house with four other women and undergoing chemeotherapy treatments.
When she arrived, she encountered a strange group, because all of them had issues that they weren’t recognizing.
Blaze (her mother) lived with Mary, a tarot-by-phone fortune teller who was losing her hearing; Juana, a mother whose children had all grown up and moved away; Mar, a theater actress with memory problems and Bobby, the youngest, who was in the midst of discovering her new sexual inclinations.
Quite by mistake, Mary and Juana walk into a cannabis seed shop. From that moment on,
They came up with an interesting way to help everyone resolve their personal conflicts; trying cannabis.

Directed by Connie Jean (Spain)

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